Text Marketing

Getting Started

The Text Marketing App in Builder Cloud allows you to receive text message alerts on your contact forms and from your keyword codes. Users may text one of your keywords to 94-510 and receive the auto-response you set in your Builder Cloud settings. 

All keywords are sent to: 94-510

6 Areas to Use Text Marketing: 

  1. Print Advertisements
  2. Community Signs
  3. Model Home Promotions
  4. Website contact information - quick text instead of filling out online forms
  5. Promote on social media
  6. Car wraps

Set Your Keywords

You have the ability to add up to 10 keywords. These should be unique to your company and what you are promoting. Keep them short and simple so they are easy to remember.

Good Keyword Example: GET BUILDER CLOUD

  • This works well because it is unique to Builder Cloud and to the point. You know as a user you are inquiring about getting Builder Cloud. (go ahead...try it out!)

Poor Keyword Example: MODEL2863

  • This doesn't work as well because it could be anyone's model home and the user isn't sure what information it will be receiving. 

From your Builder Cloud Dashboard, click on the Text Marketing logo or go to Apps > Text Marketing

This will bring up your keywords, your leads, and the bulk messaging option. You can either Edit an existing keyword or Add New


When you click Add New, you will have the option to type in your new keyword and the auto-response for that keyword. If the keyword is already being used, you will see an alert in red. If it is not being used, it will display a green underline. 

Remember to keep the auto-response short! This will be a text message back to your users. It is recommended to keep them to 140 characters. 

When finished, click Save.

PRO-TIP: If you include a URL, you might want to utilize a URL shortening service such as Google's URL Builder: https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/ This will also add tracking information in Analytics so you can see who clicks on your links from the text message!

EXAMPLE of a Google URL Builder Campaign

Do NOT use spaces - always use dashes if needed when entering your information for Google URL Builder

  • Website URL: http://www.builderdesigns.com/builderiq
  • Campaign Source: promotional-booklet (this is where you have your text marketing keyword placed - how you are promoting it. It could be "website CTA" or "car wrap" etc) 
  • Campaign Medium: text-marketing
  • Campaign Name: BuilderMobile

Your URL will automatically build and you can click "Convert URL to Short Link" so its smaller in your text auto-response!

Setting Up Notifications

Once you have your keywords set up, you will need to set up your notifications. You have the option to have a text message sent to your phone every time someone texts a keyword as well as an email notification. 

Notification per Keyword

If you want a specific phone number to be notified when a specific keyword is used, you will add the phone number under that keyword. 

  • Edit or Add New under your Text Marketing app in Builder Cloud
  • Under Notify by Text Message, enter the phone number and carrier information 
  • The number entered will receive a notification every time a customer texts to that keyword

General Notification 

Use these steps if you have a phone number and/or email address that needs to be notified for every keyword use.

  • To set up your notifications, go to Builder Data > Leads 
  • From there, you will see all your recent leads from all form submissions. To edit your notifications for Text Marketing, click on Form Settings and scroll to: Builder Mobile
  • You will see places to enter in the phone number and/or email address that needs to be notified about your keywords. 
  • When finished, click Save.

Example Texts

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